ZimBaroo's Geeks


ZimBaroo's Geeks is a bouquet development firm specializing in cross platform application development. We have a small young energized efficient team of software engineers that focuses on developing highly specialized apps.


ZimBaroo's Geeks affords a state of the art training facility available for bookings. The facility offer high tech sound, multiple displays, web streaming for audio and video outbound or inbound conferences, seminars and/or training sessions. CONFERENCE BOOKINGS

Open Source

ZimBaroo's Geeks fully supports open source code. While some of our projects can't be placed in the open source community, we are committed to contributing whenever possible. We currently have a number of items in development that will be placed into open source community as they become available. OPEN SOURCE ZimBaroos Repositories  on github


Technology tools that change lives.

While we are passionate about building great software and crazy about learning new things, that is only the surface level of ZimBaroo's Geeks. ZimBaroo's offers a great place to host training for your business and/or to come and learn as an individual. We are excited about the chance to offer great learning opportunities to the community around us.

Our dream is to become a hub for new technology to be taught, caught, discussed and implemented. Our hope is to offer technical and educational seminars that propel the community forward in technology and motivational topics.

ZimBaroo's also has a plan and vision to serve the under privileged youth in the area. Our desire is that they also have opportunity to learn from technologies that were not formerly available. We are looking forward to growing our company so we can put more resources into the communities around us that haven’t had access to high tech learning.

Below are some of the projects current in the Geeks are working on. This is just a sample of our current project stack and will change from time to time.

Living is learning

The geeks at ZimBaroo's Geeks are constantly learning. We blog about new learnings weekly and encourage others to build a life style of learning. ZimBaroo's values learning and growth so highly that we have about a 2000 sq ft training facility dedicated to training purposes. Prior to Covid, conferences could be attended here by 100+ people. With state-of-the-art sound, remote control digital sound board, and remote-control lighting system, trainings can seat 45+ physically PLUS offer streaming for unlimited virtual attenders. There are also three large screen monitors for local viewers and much more for any training needs.

  • Our training facility is available now for bookings. Run your conference or training here.
  • Approximately 2000 sq ft conference hall
  • State of the art equipment
  • Three large screen monitors
  • Remote controlled digital sound board
  • Remote control digital lighting
  • Streaming capability
  • Separate refreshment area
  • Sanitizer available
  • Covid restrictions maintained as per government regulations
  • Book now!
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Open Source Projects


ZimBaroo's Geeks uses Open Source software every day. Because of the value the community has provided to ZimBaroo's Geeks we are happy to be contributors.

Current projects in dev or released:
PayTM Capacitory Plugin
All-in-one-sdk for PayTM
Android version released, IOS in development
Angular Wiki with NodeJS and .Net Code backend.
In code cleanup soon to be released.

ZimBaroo and Geeks

Alva Powell aka ZimBaroo

alternative Alva Powell currently serves as CTO at ZimBaroo’s Geeks. In his role at ZimBaroo’s, Alva oversees operation of all technology and training of technology staff. Alva uses advances in technology to increase effectiveness of the development team and other companies they work with.
Prior to founding ZimBaroo’s Geeks, Alva maintained a diverse back ground in cutting edge technology. Pioneering work with GPS mapping software, software simulations of power systems for the International Space Station, early development of large scale entertainment websites and building cutting edge ERP/Autism Treatment system comprise only some of his fields of experience.
Alva is an avid gamer and when not at work, can usually be found is some game under the name ZimBaroo (Baroo legacy in SWTOR). Alva has founded and run many guilds in the gamer community. Alva started using the name ZimBaroo more than 10 years ago when his original gamer tag (PapaBear) was in use by another guild member. Since that time, it has been Alva's primary gamer tag.
Alva received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from Michigan Technology University and has worked with developing technologies for over 35 years.

Anitha C M

alternative Anitha currently serves as the director at ZG and Chief Fun and Games Officer at ZimBaroo's Geeks. Anitha organizes and coordinates the flow of all projects between the team and client. Anitha also keeps track of progress to keep them focused and accountable for their work. Anitha sets the scope of the project and leads project status meetings to make sure that the team is on track with the project management plan.
Prior to ZG, Anitha has over 4 years of experience as a group project manager for a leading Telecom client in Singapore.
Anitha is currently driven by the excitement of learning and growing together as a team, Anitha aspires to build new technologies that can make life simple.
Anitha received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Anna University.

Tarang Kumar

alternative Tarang currently serves in dual roles as VP of Marketing and UX Software Lead at ZimBaroo’s Geeks Pvt Ltd, performing as a front end Ionic Mobile Application Developer. Prior to working at ZimBaroo’s Geeks, Tarang worked in Capgemini India Pvt Ltd as Software Engineer for more than 2 years - as a Selenium Automation Tester for Morgan Stanley and UI Tester for Sunlife Financial in the above period.
Tarang’s personal interest includes football and making friends with people in and around his workplace about life and culture.
Tarang received a Bachelor of Computer Applications in the year 2017.

Jeanine Powell

alternative Jeanine is currently serving as head of finance and human resources at ZG. Keeping the books tidy helps others focus on developing solutions for today’s market. Jeanine as been involved in several small business ventures for more than 15 years and education for more than two decades. Jeanine has worked on the National Aerospace Plane and the Space Shuttle main engine project during twenty two successful launches. Jeanine is currently enjoying the challenge of maintaining the books and records for businesses on two continents. Jeanine enjoys working for ZimBaroo’s Geeks, whose mindset is serving the community.
When out of the office, Jeanine enjoy trekking the trails in the local mountains and visiting the nearby forts. See you on the slopes!
Jeanine received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from Michigan Technological University.